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Welcome to a new way of playing World of Warcraft. Project Ascension brings you into a world where the possibilities are endless. Embark on a quest to destroy enemies and become stronger than you ever thought possible.

Ascension runs on a 3.3.5 core, and is a progressive server, meaning that you take part in shaping the history of Azeroth from the very beginning! Experience the opening of Ahn’Qiraj, invade and conquer the Black Temple, and stop the Lich King before he dominates the entire planet with the Scourge! As the community completes content, new content will be made available!

Create a character and make them yours! With no classes, you are able to pick and choose what spells and talents you would like. The only restrictions are your imagination!

We offer three realms:

Sargeras – A High Risk realm with 3x rates, where Free For All PvP is active throughout the world. On death, players will be lootable, and will drop items from their inventory and/or items they have equipped. You are now able to take that rude dude’s gear! But be careful, you never know who might want to take you out…

Andhorhal – A No Risk realm with 1x rates. Level up your character, create a strong build, find gear, and defeat the evildoers of Azeroth! This realm has no loot drop on death, and is closer to a blizzlike experience.

Tichondrius – An experimental realm, with custom spells, talents, systems, and more. This realm is our permanent PTR, where new features can be tested, voted on by the community, and then implemented or scrapped. Come try out some new things, they may be the next addition to our other realms!

Ascension also contains what are called “Random Enchants”. Gear has a chance of dropping with an enchant, which will boost your potential and make you even stronger! There are over 2,000 enchants that can be discovered on gear. Can you collect them all? Probably not. But you can always reforge it…for a price.

At Ascension, we believe in providing a challenge. That is why our dungeon and raid bosses are stronger than they previously were. Some normal creatures may provide a difficulty level that you were not expecting, and it will take a truly heroic player to handle what the deepest, darkest recesses of Azeroth have to offer.


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